strategic-graph.There is a lot of talk about talent in today’s business world and the continuing challenge for most companies is how to find the right talent at the right time at the right cost and then retain that talent. Most business leaders now realise that their talent is the key factor in competitive advantage and strategic success. This has led to new thinking and methodologies in how to plan for talent and to ensure talent planning is bound to the business strategy. Strategic Workforce Planning is an innovative response to the challenge of talent planning to address the competing pressures of business needs and talent availability.

Strategic Workforce Planning is an extension to the existing concepts of talent management but deals with the future planning of talent and fast pace of change that affects this. Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP) represents a significant shift in how talent needs are addressed, moving the approach from reactive to one that is fundamentally more proactive, innovative and challenging. At its core, it is about aligning the talent and business strategy and linking the planning, analysis and development of both. This strategic approach to talent planning is starting to occur in the global market and is gathering pace as the right solution for organisations who want to think about their talent in a more strategic way. The innovative approach to planning and analysis addresses the real risks posed to implementation of business plans by the lack of available cost effective talent in critical areas.

This Strategic Workforce Planning model has been developed by two Irish Organisational Psychologists, Clare Mulligan and John Deely based on their own research and experience.

What do we offer in the area of Strategic Workforce Planning?

1. We provided both open and tailored in house courses.  This is in depth 2 day programme that will provide delegates with the initial expertise to apply out model to the challenges of their organisation.

2. There is a further suite of options that can also be discussed for Strategic Workforce Planning

  1. 1 hour taster about the meaning of SWP and why business trends are highlighting this as a need
  2. Half day training programme for business leaders to build awareness and understanding
  3. Consultancy and coaching support for HR professionals to implement SWP into their organisation
  4. Half day quarterly top up training sessions for network of SWP HR and business people

White Paper

Clare and John have created a detailed white paper on Strategic Workforce Planning and would be delighted to share their research with you.

Further information

If you would like to speak further about Strategic Workforce Planning then please contact Clare at or on 086 192 2365 or John at on 01 6425721.

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Coaching Psychologist. MSc Reg. Psychol., Ps.S.I.

Sophie has worked with hundreds of individuals and companies over the past 15 years on making work a better place to be. Her ‘coaching for job success and satisfaction’ programme is renowned for helping people set and achieve clear and rewarding career goals.  She is bestselling author of ‘Happy at Work’ , which has been translated into three languages. She is currently writing her second book on successful career management. Sophie regularly speaks at company events on enhancing employee wellbeing and performance, and has developed a range of job workshops on achieving job satisfaction and success.

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Organisational Psychologist. BA MSc

For over 10 years, John has built a reputation for helping individuals to successfully achieve career breakthroughs, which make the most of their talents. He is passionate about the application of psychology and coaching to help his clients make better career decisions. As an organisational psychologist, his incisive application of psychological expertise has enabled organisations to identify and develop talent. He works with leaders and senior managers in organisations experiencing change and challenges in pressurised scenarios.